Ettro Capital Opportunity Fund Open To Accredited Investors Only:


Accredited Investors must meet ONE of these guidelines:

  • Net worth exceeding $1 Million, excluding their primary residence

  • Individual annual income over $200,000

  • Joint annual income over $300,000

1000+ Lots

Entitled & Sold

$62+ Million

Developed & Sold

200 Apartments

Developed & Sold

Why Invest with Ettro Capital

Tangible Assets

Real Estate is a tangible asset. When purchased at the right price, it has more stability than other competing investment opportunities.

Tax Benefits

Structured as a capital asset which qualify for long term capital gains.

Hedge Against Inflation

Real Estate is proven to be an inflation hedge in comparison to other investments.

Exceptional Opportunities

The real estate marketplace is inefficient. This creates opportunities to buy at undervalued prices.

Long Term Appreciation

Real Estate is a tangible asset which appreciates in value over the long term.

Local Knowledge

Local knowledge & relationships developed over a period of time offer an efficient process and strong value.

See Why The Ettro Capital Opportunity Fund Is The Perfect Fit

The 1% Rule – The Market is Shifting

The general rule of thumb for SFA investors is to maximize rental prices in line with 1% of the SFR homes purchase price.  What we have seen over the last several years is while average US rent prices have increased significantly, SFA home prices have outpaced them, quiet significantly in a lot areas. Most desirable areas and MSA’s are facing affordable housing shortages, drawn out and convoluted permitting processes for new construction and heavy handed local government intervention. Bidding wars, low inventory and strong sellers markets have caused professional SFR investors portfolios to stagnate and slowly decline.

The ECM Opportunity fund is uniquely placed in between raw land acquisition, and land development for new home builders. There will always be a stronger demand for housing but not enough developed lots to meet that demand. We can deliver the same returns or often times greater than typical SFA investment, while removing all the legwork and problems SFA investors deal with.

Our Portfolio 8M AUM

Data and form coming soon!