Ettro Capital utilizes state of the art technology partners that help make us one of the most secure & advanced investment firms in the industry.

Map Based Solutions

We strive to be transparent and upfront, we use all the available tools and data at our disposal to ensure your investment with us can thrive. For project selection and due diligence we use a GIS (map based) program developed specifically for the real estate market – this software gives us an in depth insight into the current and historical real estate market data for the target area, along with demographic information exclusively available to us as subscribers.

Using this software we can make informed and strategic decisions on where to select new projects, where to hold onto projects and when to exit a project.

Online Investment Portal

For our website we have built out an investment portal with our partners that is PCI compliant and has bank level security to protect your deposits and sensitive information. We are continuing to build out our portal adding additional functionality, like on demand reporting, compounding investments, project diversification and more. This tool is ever changing with the market place and we’re committed to staying at the forefront of security, privacy and convenience for our investors.

Rest assured, when you make an online investment with Ettro Capital, your data is secure and inaccessible, with Secure SSL encryption and 2-step verification we make sure your investment and personal data is safe.


We will never share any data with any third parties for any reason.

Reporting, Photography & Due Diligence

When it comes to project selection, reporting, marketing and due diligence we use specialist hardware to capture the essence of the investment opportunity. Our members can view the project timeline and see the real estate development from a birds eye view with aerial photography and videography.

One of the future technologies we will be investing into is Virtual reality and 360 video. we want to give full and unrestricted access to our projects development, with VR headsets becoming more mainstream, what better way to see a project development than to be there virtually, at the comfort of your own home or office!

Staying ahead of the curve, our plans for the future.

As part of our commitment to the ever changing technology landscape, we employ a full time IT and marketing specialist who’s primary responsibility is to keep our products and services at the forefront of the investment marketplace. There are a some significant changes coming in the near future with how the internet and finance sector intersect with investment and real estate, our promise is that however the market changes, we’ll be ready to adapt and grow with it.

We’re building some new and exciting software for our investors that will incorporate all of our marketing materials, current investments and returns along with our own marketplace of investment opportunities that will open exclusively to our members before being marketed externally.  Fill out the following form to stay up to date with all of our news and updates.