Ettro Capital Opportunity Fund

Fund Overview


There is only one way to invest with us. Our fund is a Pure Equity fund.

You can make an equity investment and become a member of the LLC.

Fund Name:

Preferred Return:

ECM Opportunity Fund, LLC


Inception Date:

Fund Type:


Growth and Income

Distribution Frequency:


Management Fee:

Investment Type:


Qualified and Non Qualified

Asset Level Fees:


Minimum Investment:


IRA Funds Allowed:


Open to Accredited Investors Only

Accredited Investors must meet ONE of these guidelines:

•  Net worth exceeding $1 Million, excluding their primary residence

•  Individual annual income over $200,000

•  Joint annual income over $300,000

Our Investment Asset Classes

Produces very attractive cash flow and allows diversification into thousands of unique assets.

Produces steady, reliable income, while providing quality housing.


Our team has purchased and sold land across the Pacific Northwest.

Very select markets where the market is strong and the cost to acquire & build is very low.


We acquire the vacant land parcels using variety of methods, and then sell them using seller financing.

Regardless of an up or down real estate market, people need a quality place to live. We take advantage of opportunities to build & hold these homes when the cost to acquire and rent income meets our model.


Focused on Market Segments & Jurisdictions that are growing and have a need for additional housing.

We develop & build rental homes through our strong relationships, and then we hold them as long-term rentals.


Vacant Land
Single Family & Apartment Homes

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