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Real Estate Funds

Diversified Across Asset Classes, Offering Stability and Cashflow

$200+ Million

Developed & Sold

200 Apartments

Developed & Sold

500+ Homes

Developed & Sold

3500+ Lots

Managed & Sold

Open to Accredited Investors Only

Accredited Investors must meet ONE of these guidelines:

  • Net worth exceeding $1 Million, excluding their primary residence
  • Individual annual income over $200,000
  • Joint annual income over $300,000

Our team structures, manages, and invests where intensive asset management, credit analysis, and financial structuring can create value and provide an appropriate risk-adjusted rate of return.

Reasons to Invest with Ettro Capital

Real Estate is a tangible asset. When purchased at the right price, it has more stability than other competing investment opportunities.

Tax benefits, the government permits an investor to expense the cost of the purchase price as depreciation over the life of the asset.

Real Estate is proven to be an inflation hedge in comparison to other investments.

Real estate is purchased and sold in a marketplace that is inefficient. This creates opportunities to buy at undervalued prices.

Real Estate is a tangible asset which appreciates in value over the long term.

Local knowledge with relationships developed over a period of time allow for an efficient process and strong value.

Expert Management

ECM has a team with a record over 30 years of residential building and development experience. Combined we have developed over 3,000 lots and built over 700 homes and apartments in communities all across Oregon and Washington.

Peter Ettro, President, began his career as a CPA tax accountant and financial planner and later founded ECM focusing on real estate investment. Peter’s experience in real estate development and related investments is combined of over 10 years of residential development which includes experience in financial tax structuring, capital raising and asset management.

Rachel Page, CFO has 15 years of accounting and finance experience in a variety of roles. As a CPA, she has worked with clients in different areas of real estate including land development, construction, investment, sales, and income-producing properties. She was a financial officer in her prior role. She oversees all financial operations for the company and its real estate investments, including project financing, cash-flow management, and fund administration.

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