We are a strategic real estate firm located in Lake Oswego, Oregon, and have a unique approach to real estate.



Our Strategy

We invest in projects requiring equity to fund their real estate projects. We target value-add, opportunistic investments primarily focused in affordable market rate residential real estate projects and developable land.

Competitive Advantage

What separates Ettro Capital from the other investment firms is our key relationships and the depth of our understanding of the various nuances within the land development space. Our partners and investors choose us because of our knowledge, proven processes and experienced manager.

Our Technology

Ettro Capital utilizes state of the art technology partners that help make us one of the most secure & advanced investment firms in the industry. Learn more about our security, software and processes that helps us stand out in the marketplace.

Extensive Credit Analytics & Asset Expertise

We draw on the expertise of our network of experienced real estate and investment professionals. Our Principals are directly involved in all investment decisions, allowing us to act quickly on carefully researched opportunities.

Strong Partnership Relationships

National homebuilders and substantial institutional relationships give our office the investment power of a larger firm, without the bureaucracy. Our partnership relationships have several advantages: large amounts of available capital and expertise in land development.


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