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As licensed and bonded developers we pursue the highest and best use of residential land for affordable housing.


Land value is a function of many variables, including but not limited to location, zoning density, type of construction permitted, the cost and time necessary to achieve the highest and best use (entitlements) and market conditions.

Ettro's Plan

To design a desirable and affordable community that will allow prospective home builders to acquire all or a portion of the property at a point in time when they can swiftly and cost effectively begin building homes.

Our Next Steps

The entitlement process is dependent upon many factors, unknown risks and uncertainties  that may cause the actual results, performance or achievements to be materially different from the expectations.

In the End

The lifespan of a residential real estate land project is typically from two to five years depending on project maturity and the market conditions prevalent during the hold period and the time of intended disposition.