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Investment Focus

Our general strategy is to develop, operate, and create value to our investors through real estate investment.

We maintain a flexible approach with respect to the nature of its investments, seeking to take advantage of opportunities as they arise or are developed.

Real Estate Investment

We focus on high-performing real estate classes and sectors to develop and construct, including single family, commercial, and multi-family real estate located in the Pacific Northwest.

Acquisition & Development

We focus on smaller real estate investments that are below the radar of large real estate funds and too large for local buyers and developers. We acquire properties where we can add significant value.

Real Estate Fund

The Ettro Capital Opportunity Fund is a managed investment pool that balances income and growth oriented investment strategies. The Opportunity Fund is diversified across an array of deals that provide investors more security and longevity.

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Real Estate Education

Ettro Capital Management is committed to improving the regional real estate market through quality educational content. Our seminars and courses qualify as continuing education credits, and we make it all accessible to you right here on our website.

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Competitive Advantage

What sets us apart is our ability to dissect every angle of a transaction and determine an appropriate resolution.

Extensive Credit Analytics & Asset Expertise

We draw on the expertise of our network of experienced real estate and investment professionals. Our Principals are directly involved in all investment decisions, allowing us to act quickly on carefully researched opportunities.

Strong Partnership Relationships

National partnerships with substantial institutional firms give our office the investment power of a larger firm, without the bureaucracy. Our partnership relationships have several advantages: large amounts of available capital and expertise in relevant industries.

Our Company

Ettro Capital Management is a strategic real estate firm that invests in and develops underutilized or underperforming real estate assets. Our expertise in real estate development, investment, and management create value and strong returns to our investors.

Our team structures, manages, and invests where intensive asset management, credit analysis, and financial structuring can create value and provide an appropriate risk-adjusted rate of return.

Peter Ettro

Managing Director

As a serial entrepreneur Peter started his career as a commercial fisherman and real estate investor while attending Western Oregon University. After graduation, he was hired by Moss Adams and then hired away by the Parrot Partnership. Peter founded The WEL Group where he provided CPA services and investment management for businesses. After several years of growing through acquisitions, he sold his firm. Since then, Peter has been managing a real estate investment fund from his office in Lake Oswego.

Rachel Page


Rachel has 15 years of accounting and finance experience in a variety of roles. As a CPA, she has worked with clients in different areas of real estate including land development, construction, investment, sales, and income-producing properties. She was a financial officer in her prior role. She will be overseeing all financial operations for the company and its real estate investments, including project financing, cashflow management, and fund administration.

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